About the Festival

The Spring of Culture Festival returns to us in its 18th edition, bringing with it the essence of a season filled with art and culture. Since its inception in 2006, the Spring of Culture has been a beacon for all culture and beauty enthusiasts. It has become a bridge where various cultures converge in one place, highlighting the Kingdom’s cultural institutions and historical sites, emphasizing the importance of preserving cultural heritage for current and future generations.

This year’s festival kicks off with an exceptional concert at the Bahrain National Theatre. Artist Ahmed Al Jumairi will showcase Fan Al Sawt with the Bahrain Music Band led by Maestro Zeyad Zaiman. The stage will witness enchanting performances, with Maestro Waheed Al Khan breathing life into music through the “Back to Life” concert, unveiling some of his works showcased for the first time in Bahrain. The renowned Oud player Abadi Al-Johar celebrates the instrument that made him famous across the Arab world and the globe, touching listeners’ hearts. Artists Khalid Al Shaikh and Huda Abdulla revive the spirit of longing in our souls with the “Ghanawi Al-Shouq” evening, a journey transcending time and memory.

Al Dana Amphitheatre hosts a series of not to be missed performances at the Bahrain National Theatre. The stage narrates the story of the legendary singer Umm Kulthum in a one of its kind English language west-end theatrical production. A Thousand Tales Ballet immerses us in a performance depicting countless tales, recalling beloved characters from Aladdin to Cinderella. Meanwhile, Al Dana Amphitheatre hosts a diverse lineup of international shows, including concerts by Maroon 5 and the renowned violinist Maestro André Rieu performing with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. Additionally, the stage showcases comedy icons Trevor Noah and Kevin Hart.

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research stages the play “Ghazal Akka” by Raeda Taha, depicting chapters from the life of the late Palestinian novelist and journalist Ghassan Kanafani.

On the artistic front, the 50th edition of the annual Bahrain Fine Arts Exhibition is being held this year, celebrating its golden jubilee and honoring the achievements of both past and present Bahraini artists. Meanwhile, the Art Centre, in collaboration with the Embassy of Japan, hosts an exhibition titled “I Love Sushi”, which utilizes sushi as one of the most famous symbols of Japanese cuisine and as an integral part of the Washoku culture listed on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Albareh Art Gallery hosts an exhibition titled “Four Stories” featuring artists Dwa Al Khalifa, Hala Al Khalifa, Lulwa Al Khalifa and Marwa Al Khalifa. They take the audience on a journey, sharing their unique narratives and artistic expressions. Another exhibition titled “Black, White, Green, Red,” uses watermelons to symbolize support for Palestine. Artist Noof Al Refaei, in her exhibition “Disappeared, Then Appeared”, narrates a story of a rolling ball reflecting life’s cycle, inviting contemplation.

Al Riwaq Art Space organizes an exhibition featuring artists Ghada Khunji and Eskandar Dawani, where the artists introduce us to their unique artistic realms, allowing insight into their creative practices. The space also hosts an art exhibition showcasing projects from the “002 Residency” program, fostering an environment rich in discussion and constructive criticism.

Art Concept presents a multidisciplinary art exhibition where artist Hakim Al Akel transforms the movements of dancers and melodies of music into a visual spectacle enriching the viewer’s experience.

La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art organizes an event featuring German photographer Rainer Hartel and British author Tim Mackintosh-Smith. This marks the first meeting for the two orientalists, despite both living in Yemen during the same period. They share their experiences and memories, coinciding with an exhibition of the German photographer and a book signing for the British author’s “The Arabs: 3000 Years of Peoples, Tribes, and Empires.”

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research, at Memory of the Place – Bin Matar House, hosts an exhibition titled “Anthology” by the artist Faisal Samra. Another exhibition is held at the House of Poetry – Ebrahim Al Arrayed, organized by the Lebanese organization “Inaash.” This organization focuses on training and empowering women and produces the finest handmade artisanal products.

The Spring of Culture showcases a curated selection of diverse musical performances. The Cultural Hall stage welcomes the “Rouh Al Sharq Choir” from Egypt, offering a blend of classical and contemporary songs. Palestinian-Jordanian singer Leen Al Faqih, celebrated for songs that embody the spirit and identity of the homeland, also graces the stage. Hailing from Poland, the Cultural Hall hosts the award-winning accordion duo “Face2Face,” honored with over 60 international awards. In collaboration with the Embassy of Italy, the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities pays tribute to the rich legacy of the 20th-century opera maestro, Giacomo Puccini. Additionally, partnering with the Embassy of France, the Hall features artist Skygge, who presents a performance that blends music with artificial intelligence techniques. The event also includes the participation of Bahraini artist Hasan Hujairi. While in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of hip-hop, Frankie Perez will perform at the Cultural Hall in an event that comes in collaboration with the United States Embassy.

The Cultural Hall also hosts performances that blend music with other arts. The Black Blues Brothers present an exhilarating show combining acrobatics with music. Additionally, the Hall revives Shakespeare’s timeless “Romeo & Juliet” in a contemporary setting that merges the spirit of the past with the present.

The Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research offers a series of musical and vocal evenings. It features the young Egyptian singer Nesma Mahgoub in “Aroma Night,” delivering a blend of classical and contemporary music. The center also showcases the emerging talent the Saudi Arwa, reviving the art of Arabic Mowashahat, a musical genre loved

by aficionados of authentic art. Moreover, the center celebrates the centennial of Sayed Darwish with Egyptian singer and composer Mohamed Mohsen.

Furthermore, the Shaikh Ebrahim Center presents a range of diverse lectures that will be hosted at Abdullah Al Zayed House for Bahraini Press Heritage, welcoming the director of “Al-Arabiya” and “Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath” channels for an insightful talk on media transformations. Additionally, Abdullah Al Zayed House will host the Jordanian-American writer Bashar Jarrar to discuss the latest trends in misinformation and new methods to enhance the media environment. In the Shaikh Ebrahim Hall, it hosts advisor to the Palestinian President for Cultural and Media Affairs, Mr. Nabil Amr, to discusses the Palestinian issue and its developments. Dr. Salaheddin Al Bashir addresses the challenges and prospects of cultural and volunteer work institutions. Furthermore, the artist Suha Shoman, founder and head of the Jordan Art House, presents a lecture titled “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

Additionally, the Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum will mark the celebration of its 16th anniversary with a traditional musical evening featuring the Mohammed Bin Faris Band. This event honors the museum, and its site which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. On another note, the Pearling Path, also listed as a World Heritage Site, will witness a celebration over the weekend to inaugurate the exhibitions along the path.

The Spring of Culture does not truly flourish without venturing into the poetic domain. The House of Poetry – Ebrahim Al Arrayed, welcomes Dr. Maha Al Atoum, a distinguished Jordanian poet and critic, for a session titled “Women Facing the Poem”. The Center also hosts the Syrian writer and journalist, Hani Nadim, in a session dubbed “A One-Armed Wolf Gnaws the Night”. Meanwhile, the Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum will host a poetry evening and book launch for the works “Rathath Al-Dahsha” and “Tharouha” by the Bahraini poet Abdulhameed Al Qaed and Bahraini journalist and poet Saleh Yousif.

This year, the Archaeology Walkathon returns to highlight another site among the many archaeological sites of the Kingdom of Bahrain, in a tour spanning 5 kilometers that passes through the burial mound sites. The Spring of Culture tours continue this time to explore fish traps (Al-Hadra) in kayaks, and another tour to Aljaser Factory to learn about the local production of palm pollen water.

Lastly, the Spring of Culture offers children and adults a series of creative workshops within its educational program, covering areas such as handicrafts, arts, design, and more. These workshops take place at various locations across the Kingdom of Bahrain: Al Jasra Crafts Centre, House of Basket Weaving, Art Centre, Bani Jamra Weaving Textiles, Al Riwaq Art Space, Qal’at Al Bahrain Site Museum, and the Printmaking Studio in Abu Saiba.

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We hope the program this year delights you more than ever before. We thank you for joining us in advance for it is truly your support that makes this all worthwhile.

Enjoy the festivities!

Warm regards,

The Spring of Culture Team


An annual festival organized by the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities, the Shaikh Ebrahim bin Mohammed Al Khalifa Center for Culture and Research, and Al Dana Amphitheatre, in cooperation with Albareh Art Gallery, Al Riwaq Art Space, Art Concept, and La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art.

We thank the support of our strategic sponsor Economic Development Board, our gold sponsor Tamkeen, and our silver sponsors Aluminum Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait, and the National Bank of Bahrain