As part of the festival’s commitment in reaching out to the needs of the local community and the less privileged, the Spring of Culture Community Programme, sponsored by the Economic Development Board, continues its efforts to organize several workshops for various governmental and social institutions in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Bahrain University, and The National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) Rehabilitation Home for Disabled.

The line-up begins with the workshop, entitled  Singing  Fundamentals,  conducted by the renowned Bahraini vocalist Faisal Al Ansari. Al Ansari is the founder of the “Musician Committee of Gilgamesh Theatre” He is also a member of the Bahrain Orchestra Students Group. Faisal is famous for integrating diverse types of music and fusions, including singing songs in languages he does not speak. The workshop is dedicated to the Ministry of Education’s talents. Also dedicated to the Ministry of Education teachers, is the fascinating workshop of Mask Making led by Bahraini artist Fouad Al Hamar. Al Hamar is an active participant in local theatrical, productions advising on scenography and stage props. To further enhance the ministry’s teachers and students creativity, experienced Syrian puppeteer Adnan Salloum is invited to conduct a workshop on the fundaments of puppet movement techniques. For the more physically active talented students, Kareem Beder hosts a week-long dance choreography workshop. From Egypt renowned choreographer Beder focuses on letting the students express themselves through movement.

Following from Spring of Culture 2019 Community Programmer and investing in the Bahraini entrepreneurs, The Economic Development Board invites once again, Noor Al Faisal and Ruqaya Al Amer to host part 2 of their workshops.

The teachers of the National Bank of Bahrain for Rehabilitation Home for Disabled School are invited to attend the 2nd part of the workshop about therapeutic aspects of sound for individuals with special needs. Noor Faisal, the founder of Project Resonance for sound and music therapy, the first licensed sound & music therapy center in the Kingdom of Bahrain dedicates this initiative to spreading awareness on therapeutic aspects of sound and seeks to improve the quality of human life through music as part of therapeutic treatments for individuals who seek personal growth through music.

Ruqaya Al Amer co-runs Bahrain’s first academic theatre program (SSDA), a teaching and examining centre registered with the London Academy of Music and  Dramatic Arts (LAMDA). In the second part of her workshop entitled Create and Communicate inspired by LAMDA’s rigorous and effective Public Speaking syllabus which focuses on developing the skills necessary for effective oral communication and public presentation. This course will be an active workshop in which participants will enjoy a wide array of drama strategies and games that develop improvisation skills, thinking on your feet, idea generation, and vocal skills- all key skills for effective communication.

The students of the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) Rehabilitation Home for Disabled are in for some fun with 2 different street theatre shows. The children will enjoy a performance filled with explosive energy and lots of laughs entitled The Flying Dutchmen. They will also be entertained by the Italian Marlon Banda Show, a hilarious comic street theatre with a live instrumental music twist.

Furthermore, an invitation has been extended to a  group of  100  children and their families from The Royal Charity Organization to attend the dazzling theatre performance, The Merchants of Bollywood at Bahrain Bay Open Air Theatre.

At Bahrain Bay Outdoor Café, The Economic Development Board continues to open its doors for home and small businesses to make use of this platform to showcase their start-ups as part of Spring of Culture’s Community Outreach Programme.

Last but not least, we continue to be nature friendly by printing on environment friendly paper and producing smaller number of promotional material.

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Spring of Culture continues to invest in developing the talent of young Bahrainis by running specialized workshops sponsored by the Economic Development Board in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Al Jasra Handcrafts Center. Building on from Spring of Culture 2019 talent proagamme, Kartik Chauhan joins us once more for 2 workshops. The 2019 “Appliqué is Life” workshop continues with a more in-depth technique of the colorful, traditional Indian printed stamps introduced by the Indian artist Ismail Khatri. The new workshop named “Ajrak” From Dhamodka.
Ajrakis a unique form of block-printed Indian shawls. The shawls display special designs and patterns using block printed by stamps. Over the years, Ajraks has become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions. The two artists will combine their experiences in aone of a kind workshop. The festival took a step further in supporting emerging local artists. The Bahrain Bay theatre pre-show platform continues to provide an opportunity for many new Bahraini talents to perform onstage as the opening show for international celebrities.