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Mar 16
Opening: 7:00 PM

Mar 17 - Apr 15
Tuesday - Sunday 10:00 AM – 6:30 PM

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La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

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Free Entrance

Free Entrance

Limited Seating

Limited Seating

More About the Event

Spark! A multi-media exhibition by Ali Abayoglu Using unorthodox materials manipulated into objects of art, exhibition will show how everyday materials can take on a new life and spark the imagination. Ali’s fascination with everyday objects goes back to his childhood when his father used to tell him the stories of where, by whom, and how glass was first made. Those stories sparked within him an interest in seeing the beauty of glass, metal, and other everyday objects, influencing his trajectory as a multi-media sculptor. Where others see waste, Ali sees the potential for beauty. His sculptures represent the rebirth of what we take for granted and discard.

  • La Fontaine Centre of Contemporary Art

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